About Our Team

Dr Loren Kowal – Chiropractor

Loren is a highly qualified AHPRA registered chiropractor with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Master of Chiropractic from Macquarie University. Loren has also completed extensive dry needling courses, as well as other movement and assessment courses.

Loren is an elite athlete, teaching and competing in pole, lyra, handstands and acrobatics as well as flexibility. Loren (Lorna) has been teaching pole, flexibility and conditioning for 7 years, as well as competing and as such has recognised the importance of a good healthcare provider for injury prevention and treatment. Loren believes in honesty when it comes to treating patients, and will always provide her patients with the best evidence based care available. She has a passion for treating pole and aerial athletes due to her extensive knowledge in this field, however also enjoys general practice injuries and pain.

Loren has a strong belief in patient based care, evaluating patient goals and helping them achieve this. Whether that simply be to get out of pain, or to function at a high sporting level. Loren employs a range of techniques to her treatments, adapting to the needs of each patient. She also has extensive rehab knowledge to help prevent further injury.

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Dr Megan Yanz – Chiropractor

Megan has a Bachelor in Chiropractic Science, a Master of Chiropractic and has recently completed a Master of Research for which she was awarded the 2020 ANZMUSC/CA Scholarship. 

Megan currently and for the past three years has taught Chiropractic skills units at Macquarie University.

Megan has five years experience in pole and aerial fitness (lyra and silks) and was previously an aerials and pole instructor. She has 10 years experience in Irish Dance, with State and National championship wins under her belt.

Megan’s love of sports from early childhood extends to having participated or competed in rock climbing, swimming, tennis, golf, archery, jazz, hip hop, skiing (water and snow), and musical theatre.

Megan’s knowledge covers a wide range of neuromusculoskeletal conditions with a deep interest in the biomechanics and injury mechanisms associated with sports. She uses a variety of techniques including chiropractic adjustments, mobilisations, soft tissue massage, dry needling, and personalised exercise rehabilitation, with previous experience in adjunctive therapies (tens, interferential, and ultrasound), radial shockwave, cold laser, and radiology.

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Nathalie Abdala – Remedial Massage Therapist, Pilates Instructor

Nat is a movement expert, ramen lover, wife and mother of huskies. She has always been passionate about movement in all its forms. ⁣

She has been a Massage therapist for 8 years, teaching Pilates and Pole dancing for 5 years, and other forms of dance for 16 years. ⁣

Nat adapts the approach to suit the individual, regardless of what modality of treatment or education: ⁣

• Massage (Sports/ Remedial/ Deep tissue/ myofascial release/ trigger point), ⁣

• Pilates (Contemporary/ Classical) or, ⁣

• Dance (Pole, Ballet, Jazz, Pole Silks, Aerial Silks) ⁣

This knowledge comes from her Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy, and Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy, as well as ongoing education within her field. ⁣

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Alana Dean – Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning coach

Alana is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach registered with Fitness Australia. She holds a certificate 3 and 4 in fitness, is a Crossfit Level 1 trainer and has 5 years of instructing experience in the fitness industry under her belt. 

Alana has been pole dancing for 5 years, is an instructor, and high level competitor within the discipline. 

Alana has an extensive background in a wide range of sports and physical activities, participating in almost everything under the sun throughout her lifetime. She has a soft spot for boxing; having had a stint as a competitive amateur boxer, athletics; competing at numerous state level meets, and soccer; playing for over 10 years in the sport. 

Being a well rounded and highly versatile athlete herself, Alana understands the individualistic demands different sports and activities place upon the body and has the knowledge to tailor sessions and programs to suit the needs of different athletes. 

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Pebbles Kowal – Clinic and Pup-lick relations manager

Pebbles only joined The Chiro Co team in July, however has extensive experience in pup-lick relations through being the manager of her house and queen of demanding pats.

Pebbles loves working and hanging around the clinic, giving people cuddles, getting pats and sniffing in their bag for snacks. Pebbles is also very good with offering emotional support, and has experience in counselling (listening to you) and cuddling.

Pebbles’ favourite things are naps and snacks.

You can find Pebbles managing the clinic on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.