Pole and Aerials

The Chiro Co specialises in treating pole dancers and aerialists (our chiropractor is an elite pole instructor and competitor herself). We recognise the unique and demanding nature that these sports represent and the injuries specific to the different apparatuses. 

We understand and offer the best techniques to manage these injuries whilst keeping you doing what you love – with tailored assessment, treatment and rehabilitation designed specifically to the flexibility and strength demands of your sport. 

Here at The Chiro Co we don’t just offer diagnosis and treatment of injuries. We also conduct injury prevention/movement screening sessions to improve performance or help to bulletproof your training. 

The Chiro Co treats pole and aerial athletes all the way from beginners to professional competitors, instructors and studio owners from all across Sydney. So if you have an injury, a niggle or what help to nail that nemesis move why not email us now?


injury diagnosis and treatment

This is for all pole and aerial related (or unrelated) injuries. They can include but not be limited to shoulder, hamstring, hip, wrist, back, neck etc 

Hanging and shoulder engagement analysis and coaching

Muscle usage and engagement analysis as well as cueing, drills and strengthening exercises to get you using the right muscles in the most energy efficient way

Injury prevention screenings specific to overhead athletes

Screening, assessment and exercise prescription specific to your discipline. This can also include treatment if required 

Flexibility screening and plans

Targeted assessment, education and customised exercise prescription to make safe flexibility gains

Let’s keep you training.