The Chiro Co Burwood offers a deliberately small, personalised and highly attentive clinic treatment style. This allows us to individualise each patient’s treatment and rehabilitation plans, with no cookie cutter treatment.

Here at The Chiro Co we offer comprehensive assessment and diagnosis through thorough evidence based testing, to not only diagnose your pain/injury but also seek the actual cause of your pain. We will determine which parts of your body aren’t functioning optimally, predisposing you to injuries, and then help you in rectifying it.

We use a wide range of techniques from different disciplines to ensure our patients recover the fastest way possible. These techniques include dry needlingstretching (PIF & PNF), soft tissue work, chiropractic adjustments & mobilisations, strength & stability work, neurological flossing & retraining and more.

We offer sport assessments for athletes, to assess if your body is functioning at its optimum to minimise the risk of overuse injuries or trauma.

Consultation options include:

Initial consultation – up to 45 minutes

Standard consultation – 25 minutes

Extended consultation – 40 minutes

Dry needling

CTP and Workcover consultations

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Chiropractor treating patient in office. Patient is receiving dry needling therapy in her lower back