Frequently asked questions


Is the consultation one on one?

Yes! Your entire consultation time is booked just for you, and will be spent one on one with the chiropractor. 

Do you accept private health insurance?

Yes! If you have private health insurance that covers chiropractic, bring your card along with you to your consultation and we can swipe it on the spot. This means you only pay the gap. 

What are your qualifications? 

Our chiropractors – has a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science as well as a Master of Chiropractic both from Macquarie University. 

Our chiropractors have also completed advanced dry needling courses, as well as other assessment and movement courses (including those specific to gymnasts and circus athletes). 

Do you have to adjust/crack me? Do you have to dry needle me? 

No! In fact our chiropractors employ many different techniques so if you are not comfortable with one, they will be able to find another that you do feel comfortable with. 

I don’t have pain, but I would like to move better. Is this something you can help with?

Yes! Of course. Our chiropractors love helping to make changes in order for people to perform optimally in whatever it is they do. 

What is dry needling? 

Dry needling is a treatment used to ease muscular pain, treat strained/torn muscles, relax overactive muscles and release muscular trigger points. Active trigger points can cause local or referred pain, weakness or restricted range of motion. 

A fine acupuncture needles is used in the target muscle which interrupts pain signals, disperses pain causing chemicals, and stimulates repair within the area. 

Is chiropractic bulk billed, i.e. does medicare cover my appointments with the chiropractor? 

No, unfortunately Chiropractic is not covered by medicare. 

What type of people do you treat?

Whilst our team have specific expertise to work with Aerialists and Pole dancers, we treat and care for people from all walks of life.