Quality over Quantity – reps, (p)rehab and conditioning.

Quality over Quantity - The Chiro Co

I don’t usually like giving a set amount of reps and/or sets of an exercise to do 😱. 

I do it with my instagram posts because I know that is what people need, and if they are not injured it isn’t hugely problematic. 


I always say to my chiro, (p)rehab and flexibility patients, and it is relevant to my followers too, quality 👏 over 👏 quantity 👏. 

I don’t care if you do 60 reps of your rehab exercise, if you don’t do it properly! 

Rehab particularly, but also conditioning, is about using specific muscles to make specific joints perform specific actions. If you aren’t being specific, you likely aren’t achieving the full benefit 🤯. 

There is also the added factor of neuromuscular patterning 🧠 .. Sounds nerdy I know, but I will explain it, and its implications to nice lines etc in pole, next time 🙃. 

So if you do some of the exercises I post, aim for the target reps of course 🙌, but if you can’t do that many at a high quality – engaging the right muscles, then simply don’t do that many ☺️. 

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